CHRHS Hope Bus Routes

Times are approximate. Please be at bus stop 10 minutes prior to scheduled time to allow for adjustments.

CHRHS: Hope bus route AM

Gillette Rd: 8:35am
Rt17 West: 8:40am
Buzzel Hill Road: 8:45am
Hatchet Mountain Road: 8:50am
Barnestown Road: 8:55am
Seacoast/Robbins Road: 9:00am
Hope General Store: 9:05am
Ludwig Circle: 9:10am
Hope General Store: 9:15am
Hope/Camden line: 9:20am
Arrive at CHRHS: 9:30am

CHRHS: Hope bus route PM

Leave high school: 2:50pm
Rt 17/Pushaw’s: 3:00pm
Alford Lake Road: 3:05pm
Rt 17/Union line: 3:10pm
Buzzel Hill Road: 3:15pm
Hatchet Mtn Rd: 3:20pm
Barnestown Road: 3:25pm
Seacoast/Robbins Rd: 3:30pm
Hope General Store: 3:35pm
Ludwig Circle: 3:40pm
Gillette Rd: 3:45pm

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