Food Service

Welcome back to school!

We are happy to confirm that for this school year all students at Five Town CSD and MSAD #28 have the opportunity to eat both breakfast and lunch for free, regardless of Free and Reduced status.

However, it is still important for all families to fill out the Free and Reduced application. Despite the title, this application is not simply about the cost of school meals; rather, it is a tool used to determine our level of school funding. The application collects data that may significantly increase the funding our schools receive from the state, which means less local taxes need to be raised. There are also additional benefits for families that qualify, such as reduced or waived fees on SAT testing and athletic equipment. Completing a meal benefit application for your household is an easy way to invest in education in your community, even if you don’t think you qualify.

We will have paper applications at the front desk and in the dining room at all schools, or you can go online and fill out the online application here:

Online Free and Reduced Application

All our schools are following all the federal guidelines for a healthy nutritional meal to help keep our students full and focused during the school day.  In addition to free meals during the day, we also offer free fruit and milk to students that choose to bring food from home, or simply just need a snack during the day.

Even though breakfast and lunch is free to all students, the high school offers a variety of items for sale, such as drinks, ice creams and assorted chips. To be able to buy these items a student or staff will need cash or have money in their school account. To add money into an account, please follow the link below:

If your student has any allergies, please reach out to the nurse at the school and they will make the kitchen managers aware.

Thank you,

Mikael Andersson
Nutrition Director
MSAD 28/Five Town CSD
[email protected]