CHRHS Appleton Bus Routes

The tentative route for the 2022-23 school year follows. Bus routes are subject to change for the first month of school, and times are approximate. Please be at bus stop 10 minutes prior to scheduled time to allow for adjustment. Please call Luce Transportation if you have any questions at 542-1596.

CHRHS: Appleton bus route #1 AM

Fishtown Road: 720am

Lower Collinstown Road: 725am

Upper Collinstown Road: 730am

Burketville General: 740am

Appleton Ridge Rd: 745am

Union Rd: 755am

Gurneytown Road: 8am

Meet 2nd bus: 805am

Sennebec Road to rt17: 810am

Pushaw’s/rt17: 820am

Arrive at high school: 830am

CHRHS: Appleton bus route #1 PM

Leave high school: 320pm

Pushaw Rd/Crabtree Rd intersection: 330pm

Meet 2nd bus at AVS: 345pm

Appleton Ridge: 350pm

BGS: 4pm

Lower Collinstown: 405pm

Upper Collinstown: 410pm

Fishtown Road: 420pm








CHRHS: Appleton bus route #2 AM

West Appleton/Searmont line:  730am

Appleton Ridge: 735am

Rt105-Hope town line: 745am

Rt131 south/Village: 755am

Sennebec Road: 8am

Meet Bus #1: 805am


CHRHS: Appleton bus route #2 PM

Meet Bus #1 at AVS: 345pm

Appleton Village: 350pm

Sennebec Rd: 355pm

Gurneytown Road: 4pm

West Appleton Rd to Ridge Rd: 410pm

West Appleton Rd to Liberty line: 420pm

Rt105/Hope town line: 430pm