Contact Us

To find individual staff contacts, please check the Staff Directories that are located in the following places:

Schools - under the "About" tab on each school's landing page.
CRES Staff Directory
CRMS Staff Directory
CHRHS Staff Directory
Central Office - under the "Central Office" tab on the district landing page.
Central Office Staff Directory

In addition, the following people fill the roles listed below in our districts.

Affirmative Action Officer Deb McIntyre 236-3358 x4303
Assistant Superintendent Deb McIntyre 236-3358 x4303
Attendance - CHRHS Jen Curtis 236-7800 x3259
Attendance - CRMS Matt Smith 236-7805 x2104
Attendance - CRES Katie Bauer 236-7809 x1203
Bilingual ESL/Supervisor Valerie Mattes 236-3358 x4310
Business Manager Peter Nielsen 236-3358 x4304
Civil Rights Data Collection Deb McIntyre 236-3358 x4303
Curriculum Coordinator Deb McIntyre 236-3358 x4303
Director of Facilities Mike Brown 236-7800 x3265
Facilities Rentals/Reservations CHRHS Shaunna Brown 236-7800 x3263
Facilities Rentals/Reservations CRMS
Andrea Pierce 236-7805 x2102
Facilities Rentals/Reservations CRES Brenda Fournier 236-7809 x1200
Food Services Director Susan Dodge 236-7800 x3460
Homeless Education Liaison Valerie Mattes 236-3358 x4310
Foster Care Liaison Valerie Mattes 236-3358 x4310
Gifted and Talented Director Deb McIntyre 236-3358 x4303
Integrated Pest Management Coordinator Mike Brown 236-7800 x3265
No Child Left Behind Coordinator Deb McIntyre 236-7800 x4303
Nurse CHRHS Janis Hogan 236-7800 x3250
Nurse CRMS Gretchen Kuhn 236-7805 x2108
Nurse CRES Meghan Fitzpatrick 236-7809 x1211
Principal CHRHS Shawn Carlson 236-7800 x3254
Principal CRMS Jaime Stone 236-7805 x2107
Principal CRES Chris Walker-Spencer 236-7809 x1205
School Counselor - CRES Susan Conover 236-7809 x1207
School Counselor - CRMS Tanya Young 236-7805 x2159
School Counseling Director - CHRHS Jeremy Marks 236-7800 x3355
School Social Worker - CRES Kate Forand 236-7809 x1209
School Social Worker - CRMS Amy Libby 236-7805 x2157
School Social Worker - CHRHS Allison Pringle-Bennett 236-7800 x3352
School Social Worker - CHRHS Kate Cronin 236-7800 x3353
Section 504 Coordinator Valerie Mattes 236-3358 x4310
Special Services Director Valerie Mattes 236-3358 x4310
Substitute Coordinator Deb McIntyre 236-3358 x4303
Superintendent Maria Libby 236-3358 x4302
Technology Coordinator Five Town CSD Colin Sutch 236-3358 x4301
Technology Coordinator MSAD #28 Colin Sutch 236-3358 x4301
Testing Coordinator Deb McIntyre 236-3358 x4303
Title I Director Deb McIntyre 236-3358 x4303
Transportation Director Julie Waters 236-3358 x4309
Truancy Officer Deb McIntyre 236-3358 x4303