Superintendent's Message

A spark went off in the spring of '20 with the killing of George Floyd that shined a bright light on the serious racial inequities that continue to exist in America. As a school district, we have a part to play in addressing these issues. We need to unite around anti-racism and work harder to understand how our systematic privilege contributes to the pain and injustice inflicted upon Black people. It is not an option to assume, because of mid-coast Maine’s lack of diversity, that this is not our issue. It is. It is everyone’s responsibility to make things right. Not only is our school system educating students who will eventually sprinkle out all over this country, but as an institution that is part of the structure of American society, we are also part of a system that has perpetuated the problem. We need to listen, dig deep for understanding, be vulnerable, and commit ourselves to justice for all. We don’t believe we can do that by being silent. We need to take a deliberate antiracist stand.

The first two videos provide insight into the story of racism against Black people in America. (Warning - viewer discretion advised on the first video below - contains inappropriate language and displays angry emotions.) The third is a resource for teachers about being an anti-racist educator.

What are we going to do?

Summer 2020: Staff/Admin/Board book read of White Fragility to gain a better understanding of systematic racism and white privilege.

Summer/Fall 2020: Convene Task Force We will hold a mirror up to our district to recognize and then dismantle the systemic ways our institution contributes to racism. We will look at curriculum, hiring processes, and equity of access issues. From there, we will determine what steps we can take to change the course of history in our community. Task Force meeting agendas and minutes can be found here.

Beyond 2020: 
Our goal is to name the concrete actions we will take as a district in this section by the end of the 20-21 school year.